Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Introduces Sustainable Jerseys for 2022 Season

Stillwater, OK – The Oklahoma State Cowboys football team is taking a step towards sustainability by introducing eco-friendly jerseys for the upcoming 2022 season. Made from recycled materials, these sustainable jerseys symbolize the team’s commitment to environmental responsibility and promoting a greener future.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Jersey are constructed using fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles, demonstrating the team’s dedication to reducing environmental waste. The iconic orange color, synonymous with the Cowboys, remains a prominent feature, signifying the team’s identity and passion.

This sustainability initiative aligns with the university’s ongoing efforts to promote eco-conscious practices within its athletic programs. By incorporating these sustainable jerseys into their game-day attire, the Oklahoma State Cowboys aim to inspire fans and fellow athletes to adopt more sustainable alternatives.

Head coach Mike Gundy commented on the initiative, stating, “As educators and leaders, we have a responsibility to protect our planet. The introduction of sustainable jerseys represents our commitment to sustainability and serves as a reminder that small changes can make a significant impact. We hope to inspire others to join us in embracing greener practices.”

Throughout the season, the Oklahoma State Cowboys will proudly wear their sustainable jerseys, sending a powerful message about their dedication to sustainability and sparking conversations about environmental consciousness. Fans can also join the movement by purchasing replica jerseys made from recycled materials, further promoting sustainability and leaving a lasting impact on the environment.